10 Benefits of Martial Arts

1. Develops self-discipline


2. Enchances Social Skills


3. Exercise!


4. Teaches them to set  and work

       toward their goals


5. Increased self-esteem


6. Emphasizes respect


7. Teaches non-violent conflict



8. Improved listening skills


9. Teaches teamwork and



10. Postive influence on academics

       and behavior.


To read more about the benefits of martial arts for kids, click HERE




But Why Jiu-Jitsu?

Martial arts training of any form is even more effective than 'traditional' sports as a tool to greater self-confidence, physical fitness and positive behaviors, but BJJ takes those benefits to new levels!


Unlike instruction given at "McDojos", jiu-jitsu training does not foster a false sense of accomplishment. BJJ teaches personal accountability and responsibility for rank advancement. Our program does not promote students simply for "participation." Life doesn't hand out ribbons or trophies just for showing up and BJJ helps them to understand that the real world, like jiu-jitsu training, will only reward them for their own hard work and dedication to achieving their goals. 


Jiu-jitsu is also the only martial art that will teach your child practical and proven self-defense techniques that can work in real life situations, even against a larger or more physically strong aggressor. 


Gracie Bullyproof Demo

video courtesy of Gracie Academy


DISCLAIMER: Valhalla Academy does not teach the "BULLYPROOF" curriculum. This video is included here for general information about how BJJ positively impacts students.


Recommended Vendors

Do you require long-term billing contracts?

Not at this time. Currently, VAK uses month- to -month auto draft billing which can be terminated with 30 days notice.  Please speak with the instructor if other arrangements are needed. Fees for private instruction are separate and payable by cash or check to the instructor. 


Can my child try out a class before I sign them up?
Absolutely, and we encourage it! Feel free to stop by with your child and check out a class in progress to see what it's all about. Your child is allowed two free classes to see if our program is right for them before enrollment. The only thing we require for trial classes is a standard parental waiver (see Forms & Info, to the right).


Does my child need a gi to participate?

If your child registers for classes, you will need to buy a Brazilian jiu-jitsu or judo gi for them to participate. These can be ordered online from a number of reputable websites. (See the links on this page for recommended vendors).  Sometimes we have gis donated to the school when students have outgrown them, or that can be bought used- please ask the instructor if any are available. Still, if your child doesn't have a gi they can start training anyway but you will be expected to get one ASAP. Appropriate attire for the  first few classes without a gi include athletic shorts or pants (tight fitting like board shorts, or running pants, not loose like basketball shorts) and a t-shirt or rash guard. Denim or clothing with zippers is not allowed. Girls should also wear a sports bra if needed.



What other sort of safety gear does my child need?

Mouthpieces and groin protectors are encouraged, but not required. Wrestling headgear is permitted but not required.


How will I know if classes are cancelled?

Any changes to the schedule will be posted on our calendar page, on our Facebook page and communicated in class (when possible). In the case of inclimate weather or other circumstances, notice will be  posted  to our Facebook group. The Instructor also gives his personal contact information to participants and you are welcome to call him regarding scheduling or ANY concern you have. 


Do you offer private instruction?

Yes. Vincent is available on a limited basis for private training, both for children and adults. Blocks can be scheduled on an hourly basis. Please contact us via email or call Vincent at (859) 433-1584 for availability and to schedule a session. 



Fees and Rates
(current as of September 1, 2018)

Monthly Membership*

Membership includes all and unlimited regularly scheduled kids' instruction.

     1 Child           $75

     2 Children     $115

     3 Children     $150

     4 or more      $175


   *discounted fees available to adult  

     Valhalla Academy members in good



Private Instruction

     $50 first hour

     $25 each additional hour

     one hour minimum

What You Need to Know about Common Skin Conditions 
for grapplers and wrestlers

Valhalla Academy takes the health and safety of our students very seriously. While we sanitize our mats daily and take all necessary precautions, as with any sport involving skin-to-skin contact, there is always some risk for contracting several common skin conditions, especially for grapplers and wrestlers.  The most common are ring worm (which is actually a fungus), herpes simplex (basically coldsores), impetigo and staph/MRSA. 




Early treatment is imperitive, especially with impetigo and staph. The instructor can assist you with possible identification and recommendations (not to replace your physician, of course) and also needs to notify students who have been in contact, as well as taking additional disinfection measures.




Skin Care Guides (PDF)

Preventing Common Skin Diseases

Common Skin Conditions and Treatment