Junior Belt Ranks
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Disciplinary Procedure

 Infractions of General Rules or Student Code of Conduct: 
1. Verbal warning 2. 10 pushups/sit-ups/coach’s choice 3. Sit on side lines remainder of class 4. Sit on side lines remainder of current class and next class (this will be the next class attended whether you skip a class, or more than one!) 
Serious infractions: 
       Examples, verbal or physical harassment or abuse of a training partner, fighting, proven allegations of bullying or disrespect outside of the gym, vulgar and/or repeated disrespect of partners, parents or coaches and/or instructors, etc. Levels are at the coach’s discretion based on seriousness of offense. There are no “steps” for serious infractions.  
1. Sit on side lines remainder of class, suspension & parent consultation 2. Suspension from Academy up to one month 3. Expulsion from Academy 
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Know and follow all gym rules. Practice often. Attend class more than once a week if at all possible. NEVER use your jiu-jitsu to be a bully or intentionally harm others. Treat everyone you meet with respect. Give your best effort in everything you do. Never blame others for your choices. YOU make decisions for you.  Be honest, but kind. Tell the truth, even when it’s not easy. Be humble. Be helpful. Stand up for others. Don’t be a bystander when someone needs help. Be thankful. Be a good sport. You either win or you learn. Be alert, always. Don’t let trouble catch you by surprise! Love yourself; you won’t succeed unless you take care of yourself first. 

No shoes or sock feet on the mats 
No bare feet in the restrooms.  Bringing a pair of flip-flops to the gym to wear to the restroom is a good idea! 
Wash your hands after using the restroom. 
No chewing gum or eating while on the mats. 
Pick up after yourselves.  Empty water or sport drink bottles should be placed in the recycling bin provided.  Throw away any other trash you have or see.  
Come to class on time, or early if you need time to change out. If class has already begun, kneel at the edge of the mat and  wait for the instructor to wave you in. 
Come to class well groomed. Gi should be clean with a clean t-shirt or rash guard worn underneath. Brushed teeth, washed hands  Use deodorant if needed Hair should be clean, combed and secured in a ponytail/braids if long Nails, both fingers and toes, should be clean and trimmed 
Do not speak when the instructor is speaking. Keep your ears open and eyes on your instructor.  If you have a question or comment, raise your hand and wait for the instructor to  call on you.  
Do not leave the mat without the permission of the instructor. The instructor will give you water breaks If you need the restroom, please raise your hand and wait to be excused.  However, if you do have a restroom/sick emergency, you should go immediately! Do not wait to be excused! 
Be respectful of your instructor, other students and parents. No name calling No teasing Use please and thank you Use “yesma’am/sir” or “no ma’am/sir” Be respectful of all ranks. Remember what it is like to be a beginner! 
Valhalla Academy Kids General Rules  updated 1.20.2016 
Practice self-control No horseplay Do not try to intentionally harm your training partner Do not punch, kick, strike, choke (or pretend to do so) unless you are being instructed   and supervised by your coach Do not use any new technique without the instructor’s permission 
Hold yourself and your training partners accountable Do not blame others if you make poor choices in class If your training partner is not following the rules, politely remind them of proper behavior.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, bring it immediately to the attention of the instructor (not your parent).  
Report any injury to your instructor immediately!  If you are bleeding, please try to remain where you are and call for the coach.