The Path to Blackbelt

Dr. Brian Jones

Valhalla Academy Founder

July 30, 2018

We are not a school that gives away rank quickly or easily. I hold true to the old school principles.

Here's a little history of my journey through the ranks to put things into perspective. I came into jiujitsu with four and a half years of judo experience. It took me almost two years of training, sometimes twice a day to get my blue.

By the time I was a purple belt I had averaged four days per week of jiujitsu and MMA for six years. I had several competitions under my belt, five MMA fights, and had fought enough in-house challenge matches (basically real fights) that I lost count.

Purple to brown took me another four years of training bjj, judo, and mma. Again, sometimes twice a day until I was so tired that the marrow in my bones ached. I also racked up another MMA fight and several unsanctioned brawls.

I was a brown belt for three and a half years. I trained nearly daily working around injury and graduate school. I logged in more fights working security and gone through multiple injuries that required me to modify my training.

All told it took me about 13 and a half years to get black from Carlson Gracie Jr. This was on top of nine years of taekwondo as a kid, almost two years of collegiate boxing, two years of kenpo karate, and four years of judo.

Never once did I ask for rank, cry when I was passed over, or worry about anything other than the process of training. When I got my black belt 9 years ago it was an honor and I've been training and teaching ever since.

If you'd like to know where my standards for belts come from then consider my experience. Rest assured when you get a belt or stripe from me you'll deserve it!